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Star of David Tarot Spread


So, the Star of David is about to appear in our skies and everyone is getting rather excited. The last time the Star of David, or the 'Grand Sextile', appeared in our skies was on 7th February 1945, shortly before the end of World War II, and this month, a similar powerful and transformative energy is at work in our skies and lives.

A Grand Sextile occurs when six major planets are sextile to each other, or spread throughout the heavens at 60° to each other, producing pretty patterns on Astrological charts.

This configurations has a significant impact on our creative potential, but because it is all nicely balanced with a lot of sextiles and trines in the mix, this potential often remains potential.

In 1945, the planets of the Star of David spread themselves between the fire and air signs, but the Star of David we will experience on 29th July 2013 will see the planets lying with the earth and water signs. This means, to get the most out of the wonderful transformative energies, most of us will need an extra push into proactivity.

It is for this purpose, I have designed a Tarot spread to help you work with this rare and positive astrological aspect, which should enable you to harness the transformative energies and get the most out of this once in a lifetime astrological boon.

It is a six card spread which is read in two parts. The first part associates six cards with the seven planets of the Grand Sextile. The second part will look at how the astrological aspects of sextiles, trines and oppositions shed further light into the energies and opportunities currently at work in your life.

You can do the spread in advance of the Grand Sextile (which is due to hit the big skies on 29th July 2013), so you can prepare for the energies, or you can conduct the reading on 29th July, using the energies of that day to produce a knock out reading. On the 29th, the period between 20.00-23.00 BST will be the most potent due to the moon's position

If you wish to book a reading from me using this spread, contact me via the usual channels. (It will cost £30). As always, I will conduct your reading in a sacred space, and produce a PDF reading which will be emailed to you. 

The Star of David Spread

Part One - The Planets:

The first part of this reading involves dealing six cards for the six points of the Star of David, and interpreting them in relation to the planets.

Card One: Venus (In Virgo, Earth Sign)

This position relates to the nurturing aspects of your life. Venus is the planet of love, lust, relationships and beauty. Take a few minutes to think about how this card relates to Venus and its relevance to your life at the moment.

What is this card telling you about the loving and nurturing aspects in your life?

Venus is associated with the Tarot card The Empress.

If you are familiar with the Tarot, but not so much the planets, you can read this card as though it has been paired with the Empress. If the Empress shows up in this position, Venus will be highly dominant in your life. Perhaps children, pets, pregnancy or gardening will be high on your agenda, and these areas of your life will be blessed.

Card Two: Mars/Jupiter (In Cancer, Water Sign)

This position represents the energy you project and your approach to the outside world. When Mars conjuncts Jupiter, the energy and action of Mars combines with the expansiveness and fortune of Jupiter to create amazing (although sometimes overpowering) results. Hold the card you deal for this position in your right hand and think about how assertive you are with other people, how you attempt to get your way in negotiations, and how you try to expand your world.

What is this card telling you about how you relate to the outside world?

Mars is represented by the Tarot card The Tower, and Jupiter is represented by The Wheel of Fortune. Think about how the Tower, the Wheel of Fortune and the card you deal for this position interact with each other.

If the Tower turns up in this position, be careful your energy and assertion do not become destructive. Take a deep look at the structures in your life, and ask if the things around you are helping or hindering your spiritual wellbeing. It could be time to let the Tower fall, quit your job, say good bye to a destructive or stifling friend or partner, or move to a new area and start a whole new life.

If the Wheel of Fortune turns up in this position, you will have more of the luck, charisma and philosophical approach of Jupiter, so your approach to life's problems is likely to be truly ground breaking and great things are on the horizon. You just have to go out and get them.

Card Three: The Moon (In Taurus, Earth Sign)


This position represents your subconscious, and all of the emotions and instincts that dwell in the darker corners of your mind. Hold this card in your left hand and reflect on how it makes you feel. Think about how you use your imagination in your life, and how well you are in tune with your inner voice.

What is this card telling you about how your conscious mind interacts with your subconscious mind?

The Moon is represented by the Tarot card the High Priestess, so, when you interpret this card, imagine this card is lingering in the shadows. If this card shows up in this position, your subconscious will be doing a lot of talking to you in the near future, and you had better learn how to listen to it. It would be a good idea to start keeping a dream journal, indulge in meditations or shamanic journeying, or whatever your preferred method is to listen to your inner voice. Whatever you do, give your subconscious a platform, it has a big role to play in your cosmic awakening.

Card Four: Neptune (In Pisces, Water Sign)

This position represents the illusory Neptune. The things in your life that are hard to pin down, the friend who is not what they seem, the illusions and stories you tell yourself to stop yourself seeing the painful truth.

What is this card telling you about the things you can't see clearly?

The Hanged Man turns himself upside down to gain greater insight into the things he does not fully understand. This is the card assigned to Pluto. If this card comes up in this position, you need to take steps to uncover the false ideas in your life. Maybe you are being lied to, maybe you are lying to yourself, or maybe you are not being honest with other people. What is clear that you need to go on a mission for the truth, and cut through Neptune's murky waters.

Card Five: Pluto (In Capricorn, Earth Sign)

Pluto is the planet of creation and destruction. This position in the spread deals with the cycle of life: what needs to die and what is going to rise in your life.

To move forward in life, we need to let the past go: old psychological patterns of behaviour need to be confronted and released before we can move on to happier and more productive times; unhappy relationships, kept alive because it is less scary to stick with the familiar, need to be dismantled before the partners can find their true paths; and the security of a stable, but morally questionable, job needs to be discarded before a person can find a spiritually fulfilling occupation. In the end, we will be judged by our courage to change situations that do not serve our spiritual development, not how well we maintained the security of the status quo.

Look at the card you have dealt for this position. Does it represent something that you have let go, or that you need to let go? Or have you moved on in the cycle of life, and is it telling you how to cultivate a new beginning?

What is this card telling you about what needs to come to an end and what needs to rise?

Pluto is linked to the Tarot card Judgement. Through symbolic death and resurrection, we grow and thrive. If the card Judgement shows up in this position, you need to take a close look at how you are using your power, think carefully about what you need to let go, and put your energy into rebirth, not resisting death.

Card Six: Saturn (In Scorpio, Water Sign)

Saturn is often referred to as the Lord of Karma. This position in the spread brings into focus our Karmic pathway on our journey through life.
Sometimes we go astray from our karmic path because we want to do too much. But we are only here for a short time, and we have certain things to do and lessons to learn in our precious time here. So Saturn, the planet of restrictions, time and karma, steps forward to help us focus our life's lessons.

Take a good look at the card you have dealt for your karmic focus during this major astrological event. Think about the events in your life and the challenges that you are to face, and reflect on this card. What spiritual lessons are you here to learn in this incarnation.

What is this card telling you about what you can realistically achieve on your karmic path?

The World is the Tarot card associated with Saturn. If this card shows up in this position, it indicates you are mastering your Karmic lessons with flair. Perhaps you have mastered one lesson and are about to move on to learn a new lesson, in which case, expect a whole new situation to present itself into your life.

And with the twenty first card of the Major Arcana, we bring this section of the spread to an end.

Part Two - The Aspects:

The next step of the reading is to interpret the cards in terms of the astrological aspects represented in the Grand Sextile.

Write down you observations for each aspect, taking your time, and letting your intuition find connections.


A sextile is formed when planets are positioned in the sky at 60° to each other. Planets sextile to each other have certain influences on each other. 

Pair the cards sextile to each other, following the purple lines of the hexagon in the above picture.

Bearing in mind the planetary influences in the previous section, ask the following questions for each pair:
  • How are these cards working in harmony?
  • What is it about these two cards paired up together that makes you feel comfortable?
  • How are they representing talents and abilities that you are using well?
  • How might their influence make you too passive?


The Star of David forms two triangles: The Grand Earth Trine and the Grand Water Trine.

Cards in positions 1, 3 and 5 form the Grand Earth Trine and cards in positions 2, 4 and 6 for the Grand Water Trine. (See the blue and green lines in the above picture).

Look at the three cards of each Grand Trine and interpret them in terms of their element and the following questions.
  • How do the energies from the cards support each other?
  • What support do these cards give you?
  • How are these cards showing you your potential?
  • How can you better utilise the energies in these cards?


Pair the cards which appear opposite to each other (1 and 4, 2 and 5, and 3 and 6, joined by a red line in the above picture) and, bearing in mind the planetary influences in the previous section, ask the following questions:
  • What tensions could these cards be referring to?
  • How can use harness these conflicting energies?
  • What conflicts arising from these two cards need resolving?

If you want me to do a reading for you using this spread, it will cost £30. Use the contact me box at the side of this blog, or email me. Other spread alternatives are available, details can be found here.

Books I Have Found Useful In Creating this Spread:

Clark, Brian (2006) Celestial Tarot (Stamford: US Games, Inc.)
Hall, Judy (2009) The Astrology Bible (London: Godsfield Press)
Parker, Julia and Parker, Derek (2001) Parkers’ Astrology: The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life (Dorling Kindersley: London)
Pollack, Rachel (1997) Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom (London: Thorsons)

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Gateway Spread

A couple of years ago, I had the mis/fortune to undergo a horrible experience which lasted about a year.

I will admit that the events during this time crushed me. For months after I had escaped this situation, I failed to return to my previous energy levels, and I was unable to forget the events that happened, no matter how hard I consciously tried to move on with my life.

Influenced by teachings from Reiki, Buddhism and case studies from interlife regression, I took each section of this period and asked: Why can I not get over you? What have I still to learn? How can I get passed you and move on with my life?

I designed The Gateway Spread to help me do this.

How to use The Gateway Spread:

This simple three card spread was designed to help individuals work through energy blockages which are preventing them from moving forward (through the gateway) and reaching a peaceful resolution of a past issue.

When tackling a complex issue, it may be easier to break the problem down into chunks, and do a separate spread for each of the different elements of the larger problem. A mind map may be a good place to start if you are not sure where to start breaking down the issue, and is also a good technique for thinking about the issue and starting to unblock that negative energy. (For those of you new to Mind Maps, Tony Buzan’s How to Mind Map is a great introduction).

The spread will challenge the querent to think about the situation; the role they played in creating or maintaining negative energy; and what they can learn from the events. Most importantly, the spread aims to empower the individual, enabling them to heal the blockages that have prevented them from moving on with their lives.

Card One
The Locked Gate

This card deals with the issues which keep the gate locked:
  • What is it about the situation that has caused this blockage?
  • Why can’t the querent move forward from this situation?
  • What is the querent not seeing?

The card may look at:

  • The root of the problem (a seen or unseen aspect to the issue).
  • How the querent experienced the actions of others (Did they see hurt where there was only misunderstanding?)
  • How the querent’s action may have caused or contributed to the hurt.
  • Who is involved in the situation.

Card Two
The Key

Having investigated why the gate has been locked, we need to know how to open the gate and empower the querent to unlock the gate and move on with their life.

So this card asks:

  • What does the querent need to do to let this matter go?
  • How do they move through this gate?
  • How do they get a resolution to this issue?

This card may suggest the querent:

  • accepts that their expectations are unrealistic
  • sees that they need to speak up to defend themselves
  • realises that any action is futile, and putting as much distance between themselves and the situation is advisable
  • seeks professional help (legal, medical, psychiatric)
  • spends time learning how to forgive people

Card Three
The Passage

Everything happens in life for a reason. We had to go through this event that upset us for a reason. So if we manage to get through the gate and move on, having reached a place where we are at peace with the event that upset us so much, what lessons do we walk away from the gate with?

A lesson such as “slam the gate and run away as fast as you can, forget that this ever happened and never look back”  will just lead to a similar experience happening later down the road to make sure we learn this lesson.

So what lessons have you learnt from this experience? Which pathway are you going to chose after you have got through the gateway?

The Gateway Spread in Action

I asked the Tarot for an overview of the events from a specifically traumatic year in my life...

The Locked Gate: The Reversed Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is the bearer of bad news. Things have not gone your way, and you feel that you have been left powerless by the avalanche that has just hit you. All your youthful energy and naive dedication have backfired, and you have been let down by those around you.

Perhaps your inexperience meant that you dedicated all your creative activity to the wrong projects, or in the wrong direction, maybe you were focused on the activity and not the politics or emotions that were involved in this situation?

You became jaded and developed a tendency to be negative and reject new ideas.

The Key: The Reversed Four of Swords

When things fell to pieces and the visions of the Page of Wands (reversed) fell to pieces, you retreated from the world. You became physically ill and cut off all contact with those involved in the situation which upset you, and many others as well.



It is time to rejoin the world. You have had your time to recuperate, your health has improved, and you need to get back into action if you want to get through the gate and on with your life.

The Passage: The Four of Wands

And getting through the gate will be so worth your while.

If you learn the lessons from what you have been through (to direct your energies in the right direction, to retain your enthusiasm when bad news comes your way, and that rest is necessary, but cannot last forever) You will have one last thing to learn:

Celebrate life, find strength in fun events with others, and drape your foundations with flowers: because you have built a very solid structure for future happiness!

You can access a PDF of this spread for your use here.

All art work is original and copyrighted.